How We Went From a $300K Debt to Living Free In Costa Rica

Our story started in 2013...

Fast forward to 2020, we are job and debt free and living in Costa Rica...

If you were to tell me 5 years ago that I would be living in Costa Rica on our own land, travel the world as a digital nomad and having all the time to enjoy what life has to offer?

I would be laughing out loud, thinking you were joking😄

It has always been our dream to move to a warm climate like Costa Rica.

To show our kids that there is more in the world than gaming or Netflix 🙂

To travel the world, have strolls along the ocean watching the sunset and just enjoy the beauty surrounding us.

To be honest, we saw this happening some day in our lives.

Things were looking great.

Dirk ran his own successful restaurant businesses and I worked as a managing recruiter in the health and care industry.

Our kids were growing up, our income was great and our savings account would have provided us with a comfortable lifestyle.

We had it made… for the outside world.

In reality..

Dirk was never home, working at least 70+ hours a week and I found myself working full-time as well.

The kids spend more time with their grandparents than with us.

There was always stress in the morning to get everyone ready, stress in the afternoon to pick up the kids on time, make diner and get everyone ready for bed.

Dirk would come home after midnight, exhausted.

In the weekends…Dirk was working

During the holidays…Dirk was working

And you know what I hated the most?

When one of our kiddo’s wouldn’t feeling well and had to stay home from school, I couldn’t be home with them without using a leave day from work.

Every time this happened my heart would break.

Many times I asked myself “will this ever stop?!”
I felt so tired and so sad at the same time.
How could I ever be a good example for my kids?

As if my prayers were heard…

It was a cold and rainy Monday afternoon, it already became dusk.

I remember coming home from work, just to drop off my bags before picking up the kids.

I knew something was wrong the moment I opened the door.

They light were off, but I could feel the tension in the air.
Dirk sat there at the kitchen table, his eye's swollen and puffy.
With a clear and calm voice he told me to sit down.

Half in shock I listened to how he lost one of the restaurants and how we were about to lose everything.

I numbed out and I was on the fence of a total burn-out.

This was not what I wished for…was it?

Well, the Universe works in mysterious ways, I came to learn later.

At that moment it felt as if my whole world collapsed.

What were we doing?

Trading our precious time for money, just to keep up the appearance and pay the bills.

I was longing for some peace and quiet, time with my children and some romance with Dirk, like when we had just met.


There had to be another way!

While we were dealing with all the debt collectors and other challenges we faced with wrapping up the fallen restaurant, we sat down and made an inventory of our lives.

We were doing what taught to us growing up.
You get a degree and find a good paying job.
You work hard, never complain and who knows you can retire early.

So not 2020 😄

We came to the conclusion that we had to put everything we learned so far aside.

What we had be doing wasn’t allowing us to live the life we desired.

To get new results, we had to learn new skills.

But going back to school for 5 years?

Lol, that wasn’t an option.

We wanted something that:

- was working today
- had been proven to be successful
- and we could implement today

We started with writing down the things we truly desired:

We wanted:

To be able to travel where and when ever
To be home with our kids
To be able to work from anywhere, anytime

Have you ever thought about this, what you really want?


I remember reading once that the “how” it isn’t important, the how will come.

And so it did…

The “How” revealed itself when I somehow started to see more and more posts on social media of people doing exactly what we were dreaming of.

What did they all have in common?

They ALL worked online.

We decided to connect with a couple which story we resonated with to see how they were able to live our dream-life.

They told us that they too went through similar struggles of raising a family while working their butts off.

Only after they decided to learn new skills,

Something that worked today
Something they could implement today
Something that could be done from anywhere

Well….that sounded familiar 😏

They introduced us to affiliate marketing

Selling other people’s products and get paid for doing so.

Our current way of living wasn’t giving us the freedom, passion and fulfillment.

“I don’t know” I said

“You deserve more
Your kids deserve more
Let’s do this.”

Dirk replied…

They send us a training from a successful entrepreneur called Brian, a family guy with big dreams.

“I was worth it
I did deserve more
I set aside all objections and we went after it as if our lives depended on it.”

The rest is history…

I'm now totally independent and officially job free since 2015

We replaced Dirks restaurant income and saved us from a total bankruptcy.

Today we live with our kids near the beaches of Costa Rica on our own 5.5 acres of mango farm.

We have helped hundreds of people, mostly parents to make that change in their lives.

People that, like us, valued their freedom.

People that are aware that you should never stop investing in yourself.

We are grateful that we can maintain serving others.

If you’re reading this, we are speaking directly to YOU…

The life you ever wanted exists!

For us, all it took was a step by step training and a place where we could ask questions if needed.

Look, we are just 2 parents who wanted more for themselves and their kids.

Trust us when we tell you that the life you’re dreaming of is truly possible.

The only thing between where you are now and where you want to be is you.🙂

Imagine booking vacations to numerous destinations, experiencing different foods, smells, languages and hearing your kids laughing and playing on the beaches of the world –

Or simply being home when they don’t feel well or coming home from school… truly experience a LIFE by your DESIGN.

If you, like us, refuse to settle for less and want to be in control of your own future, your own time, be the biggest influence in your children’s lives, then connect with us by clicking the link below.

This will bring you to messenger where you will receive an automated message from us. (Of course I will connect with you personally as soon as I can, I might be on the beach 🙂🌴)

Just click “get started” and “watch the training” and enjoy.

Stop letting self doubt and fear hold you back!
You are literally ONE step away from changing your LIFE!

Talk soon!


Ps. let me know if you resonate with our story below

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